Storegrid Server Backup Ms SQL

Learn more about SQL database backup using Storegrid™

SQL backupsStoregrid™’s comprehensive approach to backup management now allows you to execute your SQL Server backups & restores from one intuitive interface.

Storegrid™ supports SQL Server backups for SQL Server 2000 and all higher versions. Storegrid™ supports MSSQL Server 2008 backups from v2.4 and above.

Storegrid™’s SQL Server Backup Plugin uses the VDI API to backup database(s) before uploading them to the backup server.

Features in the SQL Server plug-in include:

  • Optimal use of dump files for local storage: the dump file is compressed and automatically purged after use.
  • Straight through Restore of SQL Server backup (as opposed to a 2 step process in Basic plug-in)
  • Comprehensive Backup & Restore report of SQL Server backup is available
  • Detailed SQL Server Backup & Restore email reports available

For help on this feature, please refer to our help documentation section on SQL Server Backups.