Storegrid™ MS SharePoint Backup

Improve MS SharePoint Server availability through Storegrid™ integrated solution for Sharepoint servers!

Microsoft SharePoint backupCollaboration tools like MS SharePoint Portal Server are now commonplace in most companies. As a service provider, you can now offer enterprise-class backup and recovery solutions for MS SharePoint using Storegrid™ SharePoint Plugin. With the Storegrid™ SharePoint plugin, you can backup and restore MS SharePoint server data from the same intuitive console and the same backups servers and storage that are used for handling regular Storegrid™ backups. The salient features of Storegrid™ SharePoint plugin are as follows:

  1. Listing of sites, documents, lists, contacts, web pages, SharePoint databases and other items for backup / restore.
  2. Single web console for managing backups of MS SharePoint servers along with other backup items like Active Directory, MS Exchange, MSSQL etc.

Storegrid™ supports a site-collection level backup of SharePoint versions Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010 [currently in beta when this article is written]

Storegrid™ uses internal SharePoint utility (STSADM.EXE, offering a full fidelity backup) to take a copy of the SharePoint site-collection(s) and then uploads the locally dumped file(s) to the backup server. During a full backup, the entire site-collection(s) is taken and then is transferred to the backup server. And during an incremental backup, only the modified content since the previous full backup is transferred to the backup server.

For more information, please see the MS Sharepoint backup configuration help and the MS Sharepoint restore steps documentation here.