Individual Edition

Storegrid™ Flex Edition – Backup your data locally and online with this award winning application now.

StoreGrid Flex based rich client is supported on Microsoft Windows & MAC systems only. It is supported in XP and above versions of Windows, in both desktop and server OSes on 32 and 64 bit machines.

30 Day 2GB Storegrid Trial Period

This rich client can be used to backup files, registry settings, browser settings, Email backups, etc. Currently Plugin based backups like MS SQL Server, Exchange Server and MySQL Server backups are not supported in this client.

Whether it’s your precious family photos, music collection or important financial documents, you can backup whatever you want, when you want and you can even create custom backup rules for uncommon file types too.

The Storegrid™ restore process is better than ever. Access your files via the Internet, instantly access a few files on the fly from the web interface, or download all your files with just one click.

  • Also, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions for answers to common questions you may have.
  • Backing up data on CDs or external hard drives can eat up a lot of time. You can only manage to do it every so often. And there’s still a chance that these storage devices can be lost, destroyed, or stolen.
  • Storegrid™ is 100% automatic. You always have the most recent versions of your files in a safe online environment and you can access them from anywhere.
And, we protect your files with military-grade encryption (a.k.a ‘448 bit encryption’ or Blowfish Cipher) – in fact, it’s the very same security that banks use during online data transfer too- so, if your personal data is important to you, you’re ready to try our free 30 day trial or sign up for our service at a industry leading rate.

Storegrid™ Flex Client Supports the following Operating systems :

  • Windows backup software
  • Apple Mac Online Backup software
  • Online server backup
  • Online server backup centos
  • offsite backup onsite backup
  • data backup services
  • server backup solutions