Business Edition

Storegrid™ Software is the best Onsite Offsite backup software available for your business systems and data.

It equips you with a full range of enterprise-class features for virtual machine backups, database server backups, email server backups, file server backups, desktop and notebook backups.

Base Features are Listed below.. for a complete list click HERE.


Backup Microsoft Exchange Storegrid™ Versatile Features Include Microsoft Exchange Database Backups For Exchange 2003, Exchange 2007 And Exchange 2010. It Also Includes Exchange Mailbox Backups Along With Mail Level Restores.
Backup SQL Database ServersBackup, Microsoft SQL Database Servers & MySQL Database Servers
Multiple Backup Sets & SchedulesBackup multiple sets of data – each with its own schedule. For example, you can backup ‘My Documents’ every few hours, and backup your music collection only once a week. Storegrid™ has a number of scheduling options. Schedule backups Daily, Weekly, Every Few Hours or Continuous (runs every time a file changes).
Web AccessAll your backed up files are accessible on the web, anywhere, anytime. All you need is an internet connection. You can even view/download/send the files on your phone – using the web interface.
Incremental BackupStoregrid™s backs up only changes in files and not the entire file every time. This helps reduce the bandwidth used and also results in faster backups. Additionally, Storegrid™s automatically detects changes in files and backs up accordingly. Files are backed up even if they are open while the backup is running
Rock Solid InfrastructureStoregrid™s online backup service is powered by; this is the gold standard in hosting, and your data is secured by the same technology used to run Earth’s largest bookstore!
Military Strength SecurityEverything is double encrypted while transmitting from your home to our server. With 448 bit Blowfish encryption, your data couldn’t be safer!
Multiple VersionsYou can backup multiple versions of the same file. Each file carries a unique time stamp – for easy restores. Storegrid™ also supports the ability to schedule additional full backups – great for those who are paranoid about their data
CPU utilization and Bandwidth ThrottlingStoregrid™ provides the flexibility to determine the percentage of CPU and bandwidth that will be used by it. This helps a power user configure DataSafe for optimal performance.
Web ArchiveStoregrid™ provides the ability to upload files/folders via the browser. This helps you upload files even from systems that don’t have the Storegrid™ software running. For example, if you are at your work and need a file that you plan to work on later from your home, simply upload the file to your Storegrid™ account and access it later from your home.

Compatible with :

  • Windows backup software
  • Apple Mac Online Backup software
  • offsite backup onsite backup
  • server backup solutions
  • linux backup software