Storegrid™ Features: Restore

Easy and Instant Restores

Instant restore by booting up as a virtual machine (P2V)

Storegrid™ Disk image backups are in VHD format by default and therefore can be quickly booted up as a virtual machine in a Hyper-V server. The VHD based backups can also be converted into VMware file format (VMDK) and booted up as virtual machines in VMware ESX servers. This helps MSPs to provide an efficient Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity service to their customers.

Secure Restores

Data arrives at the agent machine (machine to which data has to be restored) in encrypted format keeping it secure during transit from the remote backup server. Restore jobs have to be first authenticated at the backup server and the encryption password has to be provided before the restore can initiate.

Restore on agent machine or backup server

Restore jobs can be initiated from the agent machine or from the backup server. This provides the ability for Hosting Providers to restore data at the server which they manage and ship the disk with the restored data to their customer.

Restoring versions from different backup timestamps

Sometimes it may be required that some of the files have to be restored from previous versions while the latest version has to be restored for rest of the files. Storegrid™’s restore lets you do that.

Resume from where it left off

Restore jobs initiated to an offsite backup server could sometimes take a longer time to complete depending upon the available network bandwidth and data size. Storegrid™ can resume restore from exactly where if left off in case the restore job gets interrupted due to, say network failure.

Restoring to an alternate machine

Storegrid™ client can restore its data to a different machine running another instance of Storegrid™ client. This is helpful when the machine that is being restored doesn’t have enough disk space yet for the restored data.