Storegrid™ Outlook Backup Support

If you’ve created a Storegrid™ schedule to backup your Outlook data (emails, calendar, notes, etc) there are a couple of points you need to be aware of.
If Outlook is open at the time Storegrid™ attempts a backup, Storegrid™, by itself, will not be able to access all files required for backup. The best way to solve this is to install Storegrid™’s Open File Plug-In or to use the Volume Shadow Copy Service. Please note that, since Storegrid™ 2.2 Release, Storegrid™ supports Volume Shadow Copy Service based open file backups in Windows XP/2003/Vista OSes. For other Windows OSes, you have to use the Storegrid™’s Open File Plugin.Besides Outlook, this plug in will also facilitate backups of other open files.
If you do not have the open file plug-in, and have Outlook open at the time of backup, Storegrid™ can still complete the backup!
Storegrid™, recognizing that Outlook is open, will prompt you with an alert mentioning that you have an Outlook backup scheduled and that it needs to close Outlook to complete the backup.
If you agree, Storegrid™ will close Outlook, complete the backup and thereafter reopen Outlook. Outlook will prompt you to save any open work before it is closed.
If Storegrid™ is unable to close Outlook, the Outlook backup will not be fully completed and Storegrid™ alerts you about this as well.