Storegrid™ Open File Backup

Feature Overview of Open File backups e.g PST File backups / Outlook Backups

  • Effortless backup of open files
  • No plug-in required for backing up open files for Windows XP, Vista, Server 2003

Storegrid™ supports Volume Shadow Copy (VSS service)

Volume Shadow Copy Service is a Microsoft Windows service that coordinates various components to create consistent shadow copies of one or more volumes.

In Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista Operating Systems, Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) provides a mechanism for creating consistent point-in-time copies of data known as ‘shadow copies’.

With VSS you can backup files even if they are in use at the time of backup. If VSS is enabled (from the advanced options menu while creating a new backup schedule),Storegrid™ will create a snapshot (read only copy) of the volume(s) corresponding to the configured folders/files and will thereafter backup the snapshot of the volume. The Volume Shadow copy helps Storegrid™ create consistent backups, ensuring that the contents do not change while the backup is underway. This helps avoid problems typically associated with file locking; since Storegrid™uses a ‘read-only’ copy of the volume, it is able to access every file without conflicting with other programs writing to those same files!

This feature is especially useful in backing up exclusively locked files (of specific applications), such as the Outlook ‘pst file’ in case of Outlook backups. Please note that you do not need VSS functionality to backup databases (like SQL & Exchange) – Storegrid™ includes powerful support for SQL Backup & Exchange Backup!

There is no extra charge for the Volume Shadow Copy functionality!


1.Storegrid™ uses Microsoft’s ‘Volume Shadow Copy’ Service (typically installed by default with the operating system) to create the ‘snapshot’ for backup. Hence, Storegrid™ needs the ‘Volume Shadow Copy’ Service to be configured with the service start type set to ‘Automatic’ or ‘Manual’.

2.The Volume Shadow Copy Service needs at least 100 MB of free disk space.

If you’re using an operating system that supports Volume Shadow Copy (e.g. Windows XP, Vista and Windows Server 2003), you simply need to enable the VSS option in your backup schedules (from the advanced options screen) There is no extra charge for the Volume Shadow Copy functionality.

If you don’t have Volume Shadow Copy, Storegrid™ helps you to perform the Open File backups with a help of the Plug-in. The plug-in is pre-configured to allow Storegrid™ access to open files, and with it you needn’t worry about files not being backed up because they happened to be in use at the time of backup. Please note that the:

  1. Plug-in needs to run on the machines backing up their data, NOT on the backup server receiving backup data.
  2. You should NOT use the open file plugin to backup databases (like SQL & Exchange) -Storegrid™ includes powerful support for SQL Backup & Exchange Backup.

If you’re sure you really need the open file plugin, please download a free trial and evaluate its suitability for your requirements. Since the open file plugin operates at the kernel level, we strongly recommend that you download a trial first and see it working in your system(s) before purchasing it.

For more info on this feature, please refer to the section on Open File backups in our help documentation here.