Storegrid™ MySQL Server Backup

Learn more about MySQL server backups using Storegrid™

MySQL Server BackupMySQL is clearly one of the more popular databases today! Storegrid™’s comprehensive approach to backup management now allows you to execute your MySQL server backups & restores from one familiar interface.

IT managers will no longer need to have an array of application specific backup tools, especially since Storegrid™ additionally supports Exchange Server backups, Active Directory / System State backups and a lot more. This is of course, over and above Storegrid™’s ability to handle any other form of Disk to Disk data backup.

It’s all about flexibility!

A comprehensive approach also enables us to leverage powerful components of Storegrid™’s core solution and apply them to MySQL backups. For example, data compression with the powerful ZLIB algorithm can provide fantastic compression ratios and military strength encryption (up to 448 bits) with the Blowfish or Triple DES algorithm ensures your data is always secure!

We encourage you to download a trial and evaluate Storegrid™’s MySQL backup capabilities to appreciate the benefits of managing backups and restores in heterogeneous environments – with one comprehensive solution!

MySQL Server backups are supported in all flavors of Linux and Windows environments.