Storegrid™ Features: Manageability

Easy-to-use Centralized Management

Central Management Console

Storegrid™ provides a centralized manageability console for backups, restores, license allocation, storage management, security policies etc. The console also provides detailed reports at Server, Reseller, Customer and Client machine level.

Multi-tenant Architecture

Storegrid™ is built for MSPs from ground up. Storegrid™ supports Reseller and Customer account management within the backup server. An MSP managing the backup server could create Reseller accounts, allocate licenses, storage space, security credentials etc. for individual accounts. Resellers can log into their account and create their respective customer accounts and manage their backups. Customers can login and monitor the status of their backups.

Inbuilt Invoicing module

Storegrid™ provides inbuilt Reseller and Customer level invoicing module. Invoice Plans can be setup based on the storage used, size of data backed up, bandwidth used and based on number of machines being backed up. Different Invoice Plans can be setup for Resellers and Customers. Invoice is automatically generated and sent to the respective Reseller or Customer at the end of the invoice period.

Email based notifications

Storegrid™ can send email alerts on backup and restore job status. Both the Storegrid™ agent (running in the machine that is being backed up) and the backup/replication server can send email alerts. Email alerts can be configured for failed, partially completed, missed and successful backup, restore and replication jobs.

Web based User Interface

Storegrid™ provides web based user console which is convenient for logging into the application remotely – either into the client machine or the backup and replication servers. Storegrid™ also comes with Adobe Flex based rich client interface as an alternative option.

Managing Backup Jobs from the Backup Server

Backup jobs can be added, edited and deleted centrally from the backup server, without having to log into each of the client machines that are backing up. Properties like Bandwidth Throttling, Backup Window Settings etc on the client machines can also be managed from the backup server.

Automatic Software Update

Storegrid™ can automatically push software updates added to the backup server into the different client machines running Storegrid™ agent software. The updates on backup server can be pushed from the replication server to which the backup server is replicating.

Managing multiple backups servers from a single remote console

MSPs often run on-premise backup servers in each of their customer’s site and then centrally manage the multiple backup servers remotely. Storegrid™ can replicate all the backup servers to a single replication server (or cluster). From this replication server, the backups servers can be centrally managed for licensing, storage allocation, monitor their health etc.