Error in Starting StoreGrid


This error occurs when the StoreGrid tray is unable to start the StoreGrid Application or the Service.


This error can occur due to one of the following reasons:

  1. StoreGrid Tray application doesn’t have permissions to start the StoreGrid Service.
  2. StoreGrid Application file is not available at the StoreGrid Tray Applications path, i.e. <StoreGrid Home>\bin location
  3. Another instance of StoreGrid is already running in the machine. 


    1. Check if the StoreGrid Tray Application is running in an user account who has privileges to start the StoreGrid Service.
    2. Check if the StoreGrid service’s logon user has enough privileges to start Windows services.
    3. Check if any other StoreGrid instance is already running in the system. You can verify this by checking for “StoreGrid.exe” process in the ‘Task Manager’ tool. If there is already another instance running, try stopping that process and then starting it again.