Storegrid™ Email backup

Storegrid™ SP Edition – an ideal MS Exchange Backup Software that backs up your customer’s MS Exchange servers – up to the Mailbox level!

outlook email backupStoregrid™ comprehensive approach to backup management now allows you to execute your Exchange Server backups right down to the ‘Mailbox level’.

Most critical among all backups are the customer’s server backups – thanks to Storegrid™ MS Exchange backup facility, you can handle that right down to the individual mailboxes level for all your customers’ MS Exchange servers.

Storegrid™ Exchange Server Backup plugin uses the ESE API to backup Storage Groups and Mail Stores.

Features include:

  • Optimal use of dump files for local storage: the dump file is compressed and automatically purged after use
  • Support for Storage Group level and Mail Store Level backup
  • Straight through Restore of Exchange Server backup.
  • Comprehensive Backup & Restore report of Exchange Server backup is available
  • Detailed Exchange Server Backup & Restore email reports available

For detailed step by step instructions for this, please refer our help documentation link here.

Besides Storegrid™  refreshing user interface, a comprehensive approach also enables us to leverage powerful components of Storegrid™ core solution and apply them to Exchange Server backups. For example, data compression with the powerful ZLIB algorithm provides excellent compression ratios, military strength encryption (up to 448 bits) with the Blowfish algorithm ensures your data is always protected, and incremental backups capture byte level changes in your databases using our Intelli-Delta technology based on the proven and powerful RSYNC algorithm !

We encourage you to download a trial and evaluate Storegrid™ Exchange backup capabilities to appreciate the benefits of managing backups and restores in heterogeneous environments – with one comprehensive solution!

For help on this feature, please refer to the section on Exchange Server Backups in our help documentation.

Storegrid™ supports MS Exchange backups in Windows 2000 Server, 2003 Server & Small Business Server installations from Storegrid™ Version 2.1!

MS Exchange 2007 backups are supported over Windows 2008 SBS too. Please contact us at in case of any queries.