Storegrid™ Customer Management

Easily manage customer accounts backing up to your managed backup server.

  • Organize your client machines under each of your customer accounts
  • Allow each client machine to try out your backup service free for a month – no license charges for you
  • Manage and administer client backups details (e.g. allotted space, licenses used etc.)
  • Manage all your client licenses from a single window – your StoreGrid backup Server

StoreGrid Service Provider Edition has a robust customer management module which allows you to manage your customer accounts with minimum hassles. Client licenses are not required in the backup server for the first month of backup from a client machine. Therefore you can offer your customers a free trial for a month for every client machine they backup as you don’t have to pay for any licenses either. Easy to manage and administer, you can save huge on administrative overheads in following up and maintaining customer account details. All of the customer account data is available to you at a single click of a button at the StoreGrid backup server in the Customer management section.

StoreGrid Service Provider Edition 4.0 has a Reseller management module which allows you to manage and resell your backup services through resellers.