Become a Reseller

Storegrid™ Service Provider (SP) Edition is exactly that – an Edition specially built for Service Providers.

Customers are increasingly aware of the need to backup their valuable data off-site. Service Providers are best suited to offer remote backup services, provided they have the right tools. With Storegrid™ SP, your hardware doesn’t matter anymore.

Storegrid™ flexibility takes care of everything. In fact, even with a simple desktop running as a server, you can get started with remote backups in under 30 minutes!

Do try out Storegrid™ SP! Although 30 minutes can get you up and running, you’ll need more time to discover and appreciate all its unique features.

Storegrid™ SP Edition builds upon years of experience with Storegrid™ other Editions, and incorporates valuable feedback from users and other Service Providers who’ve put Storegrid™ through a battery of tests and environments. Additionally, the Service Provider Edition includes a host of features that are especially relevant to you. Features like:

  • Extremely Easy Reseller & Customer Management
  • License Management
  • Server Web Portal with access control for, Customer & Client.
  • Added levels of Authentication
  • Extensive Web Service APIs to monitor and export backup metadata.
  • Management of Trial Customers and one step conversion to Confirmed Customers
  • Extensive reporting from a powerful RDBMS
  • Seed Backup Migration – a useful feature that recognizes bandwidth problems some of your customers may have, and hence allows for a first ‘local’ backup followed by incremental backups to your remote server.
  • And much more…

So who is an online backup Re-seller / Service Provider?

Very simply, anyone involved in providing IT services to their clients is a Service Provider. Our Service Providers customers are typically SMBs, mid market companies, and divisions / branch offices of enterprise companies. Some Service Providers may even have Home Users and SoHos as customers.

To further elaborate :

  • If you are a Value Added Reseller or a System Integrator, you are a Service Provider!
  • If you are an MSP or an ISP, or an XSP for that matter, you are a Service Provider!
  • If you wish to provide your customers with a feature packed remote backup service, you are a Service Provider!
  • If you’re planning on starting an online backup service: well, you’re a Service Provider!

This help document was designed to get you up and running ASAP. But do remember, fanatical support is just an email away at

Compatible with :

  • Windows online backup reseller
  • Apple Mac Online Backup reseller
  • server online backup reseller
  • linux online backup reseller