Storegrid™ Bare-Metal Backups

Feature Overview

Integrated Disk Image backups/restores through Storegrid™‘s Disk Imaging (Bare-Metal) solution for MSPs!

You can offer a completely integrated backup and disaster recovery solution through Storegrid™’s Disk Image (Bare-Metal) backup and restore solution. With this feature, you can restore an entire system from Storegrid™ backups to new hardware without requiring a reinstall of the operating system or requiring initialized disks. Typical backup recovery approaches are fraught with the following challenges:

  1. Recovery of the backups can take longer than expected.
  2. There is a need for restoring the operating system environment and configurations before the backup data restore function is performed.
  3. Non-integrated bare-metal recovery steps (involving third party tools) can be complex and consume valuable time of your technical staff.

Storegrid™’s Disk Image backup (Bare-metal backup) solves all the problems listed above. You can completely recover your customer’s systems from your Storegrid™ Disk Image backups. In case a backed up system loses its boot disk or suffers some other catastrophic failure, the Disk Image restore option will facilitate restoring it to the state that existed in the latest backup. Also, you can recover to any point in time for which a valid backup disk image exists — either full or incremental.

Storegrid™ uses the command line utility ‘Wbadmin’ and this is available in Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7 and Windows Vista’s Business, Enterprise and Ultimate editions (not in Windows Vista Home Basic or Home Premium editions).

For more information on Storegrid™’s Disk Image Backup feature and supported Operating Systems, please see the disk image backup configuration help and the disk image restore help documentation here.

Storegrid™’s disk imaging solution adds a key capability and extends your backup service to provide complete system disaster recovery. The disk imaging feature eliminates complexity, saves administrator time, and provides your customers with complete confidence in their system’s disaster recovery capabilities.